Robert Frost Foundation

Dear Teachers,  

Robert Frost Foundation wants to help you add poetry

 recitation programs to your school in the Greater Lawrence

 area during the academic year of 2009-10.

If you are interested in bringing a local poetry bee to your

 middle school  or adding the Poetry Out Loud program 

to your high school,  please email

and send a copy to the coordinator Ray Landry.

Please bookmark this site and watch it for further details.


  • Group Presentation
      A  group may consist of 2,3, or 4 contestants.

  • Dramatic Interpretation
     Students participating in this category must recite their chosen poem by heart.

  • However, they may use one index card.  Also, on the day of the local bee, students must provide 3 copies of their chosen poem for prompting and judging purposes.

  • Expressive Reading

  • Students participating in this category read their chosen poems from a book or sheet of paper.


  • Gold, siver, and bronze medals will be awarded for Dramatic Interpretation (poems that students successfully memorize for presentation).

  • Special certificates will be awarded for first, second, and third places in the for Expressive Reading ( poems that students read for presentation).

The Robert Frost Foundation
51 Lawrence Street
Lawrence, MA 01841
Lawrence Public Library -- 3rd Floor

Please contact Mark Schorr for additional information


The list of eligible poems for Poetry Out Loud and full information is available at  and (the state coordinator's site) (High school events).

The list of eligible poems for Frost Poetry Bee is given below (Middle school events).

To include poems not on the list, please contact the bee coordinators.

Any poem from A Boy’s Will
Any poem from North of Boston
(available in DoverThrift edition)

or from Project Gutenberg

or any of the following poems mostly from Frost's
Mountain Interval and New Hampshire

“The Road Not Taken”
“Christmas Trees”
“An Old Man’s Winter Night”
“An Exposed Nest”
“A Patch of Old Snow”
"The Telephone”
“Meeting and Passing”
“Hyla Brook”
“The Oven Bird”
“Bond and Free”
“A Time to Talk”
“The Cow in Apple Time”
“The Hill Wife”
“The Bonfire”
“A Girl’s Garden”
“Locked Out”
“The Last Word of a Bluebird”
“ ’Out, out—' “
“The Sound of Trees”
“A Star in a Stone Boat”
“The Star Splitter”
 "Tree at My Window"
"The Silken Tent"
"The Bearer of Evil Tidings"

“The Grindstone”
“Wild Grapes” |
“The Witch of Coos”
“The Pauper Witch of Grafton”
“I Will Sing You One-O”
“Fragmentary Blue”
“In a Disused Graveyard”
“To E.T.”
“Nothing Gold Can Stay”
“The Runaway”
“The Aim Was Song” "
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”
“For Once, Then, Something”
“Blue-Butterfly Day”
“The Onset”
“To Earthward”
“Good-by and Keep Cold”
“Two Look at Two”
“Not to Keep”
“A Brook in the City”
  or the following poems found in  the Uncollected Poems section of
the Library of America Frost:
“The Flight”
“Song of the Wave”
“A Dream of Julius Caesar”
“An Unhistoric Spot”
“The Birds Do Thus”
“Class Hymn”
“Mill City”
“When the Speed Comes”







Click Here to View Eligible Poems

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